About me

Hello! πŸ‘‹


I'm Arnau Aregall, a passionate software developer with over eleven years of experience in the IT industry as Software Developer and Technology Consultant.

Currently I am working at Haufe Group as a Tech Lead guiding an awesome Agile Product team, bringing over a decade of backend development experience.

My expertise spans microservices, data streaming/processing, web applications, and cloud technologies, with a deep dive into AWS, Kubernetes, DevOps and CI/CD - those are just some of the buzzwords that would describe my everyday work.

I really love software technical challenges - Java, Kotlin, Spring Framework and Micronaut are my weapons of choice when it comes to languages and frameworks, although I am always open evaluate new players that fit best for each job.

I am a defendant of the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto: I don’t only write code, but I do it carefully and paying lots of attention to details specially regarding quality and architectural design principles.

On my spare time, I enjoy contributing to my favorite Open Source projects, reading software design literature, or building example applications to explore different software design patterns.

When I have the chance, I write articles about my technical experiments and endeavors here.

If you are also into this, maybe you will find here an article or small writing that I hope you enjoy reading.

Happy reading/coding! πŸš€

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